Scholar Highlight: Keegan

This weeks DA highlight goes to Keegan. Read what Keegan has to say about DREAM Alive.

"I was in dream alive from 7-12 grade (6 years) and still feel apart of the organization. Dream Alive impacted me by showing me there’s more to this world than just an average life. I was introduced to different colleges and businesses at a young age that students that were around me or I hung out with never got to experience. I was grateful for the connections they gave me and help to keep pushing me forward so I can be the best they knew I can be and I’ve finally understand that I can be great. I like that dream alive cares about who they work with and tries they’re best to get you where you want to be. They push you to your limits and gives you tips and guides on life to prepare you for the outside world. Right now I got to IUPUI I’m in kelley school of business. I just recently came back from Ghana for a study abroad trip. I have my own business (I’m an entrepreneur) and I would like to thank Dream Alive for the encouragement and help with my journey."

Eric MullerComment