DREAM Alive's believes in developing youth in at-risk communities to become leaders.  This mission has a ripple effect that can transform our communities long-term.  We cannot achieve this mission without unsung heroes who contribute sacrificially to our mission.  We are thankful for every contribution, and would love to share how much your single contribution pushes DREAM Alive's mission in our community.  Below are a few ways your dollar is spent with DREAM Alive.

A Few Key Numbers:

  • $75 - Provides Food at DREAM Alive site for 200 total scholars.

  • $750 - Provides support for 1 Scholar to complete the year long DREAM Alive mentoring program.

  • $2,500 - Provides week long Summer Camp for DREAM Alive scholars.

  • $5,000 - Provides College Road Trip for DREAM Alive High School Scholars to experience local colleges.

  • $40,000 - Provides DREAM Alive program for 1 school site.

A Few Key Notes:

  • DREAM Alive provides 3 times more hours per week with youth than the Big Brothers Big Sisters.

  • DREAM Alive costs about $300 less per scholar to mentor than the national average for mentoring organizations.

  • DREAM Alive strategically utilizes character development to build our scholar's emotional intelligence.

  • DREAM Alive strategically plans over 112 experiential learning trips in the community each year to expose scholars to new ideas, job fields, and areas of service.

  • DREAM Alive does not rent office space, so the most of our money goes directly to serving scholars in our community.

These are just a few key numbers and notes about how far the impact of your donation goes.  Thank you for considering to give to our mission to develop youth in at-risk community to become leaders.


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