Our Vision

Change Lives. Make Dreams.

DREAM Alive (DA) is a Non-Profit (501c3) focused on mentoring at-risk youth in 7th-12th grade to become civic-minded leaders. DREAM Alive helps break the cycle of poverty by helping youth discover career paths and mentoring them from 7th grade until high school graduation.

Through partnerships with schools, communities, and corporations, DREAM Alive provides scholars with three key opportunities: career-focused experiential learning, mentoring relationships, and character development. With a heavy focus on career paths, corporate volunteer integration, emotional intelligence training, long term mentoring, and cost effectiveness, DREAM Alive differentiates itself from other mentoring organizations.

The full impact DREAM Alive has had in our 9-year journey will be shared throughout this website, however – to help set expectations on the game-changing impact DA has had on our youth, we wanted to share – up front – what we feel makes us different and special based on our current analytics. Our impact to date with youth can be summarized as:

  • 100% High School Graduation Rate

  • 89% of Youth in College, Military, or career immediately after graduation

  • 69% are in a 4-Year College under a Full Scholarship

  • DA operates at 34% of the cost of an average mentoring organization

  • With 539 students served in 2018 (+66% over 2017, +2595% over 9 years), we have grown our impact every year since 2010.


Our Program

Build Career Paths. Make Dreams.

Career Path Development: We provide at-risk youth with services centered around career path development. DA believes that youth must have realistic dreams of future careers in order for them to succeed in their education and future adult career journey. By exposing youth to career paths through programmatic and progressive activities over 6-years, youth will not only achieve academic goals of graduation, but will excel to begin their career path. All DA scholars are expected to have a career path leading to college, military, trade or career upon high school graduation.

3 Programs. 1 Goal.

We are committed to building servant leaders by giving youth opportunities to discover their community, grow in character, and achieve their dreams. In our 8 year history, 100% of our high school seniors have graduated high school, and 69% have gone on to college. Much of this is due to our 6-year continuum of programs. Youth are offered as many as 250 hours of mentor programming per year, per youth.

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The following summarizes DREAM Alive programs to at-risk youth:

Exposure (7th & 8th Grade)

This is the foundation track of our program which offers a diverse range of community experiences to support our scholars as they discover their identity and the impact others and the community have on them.

Experience (9th & 10th Grade)

This track offers an array of new experiences in the community that are intentionally developed around challenging our scholars to develop their leadership skills.

Expectation (11th & 12th Grade)

The final track of our program is built upon the opportunity for our scholars to learn to lead by leading, and being matched with young professionals in the local community for mentoring  each month. To learn more about becoming a mentor with us, please click here.