Scholar Highlight: Emerald

This week's DA Highlight goes to Emerald, a DREAM Alive alumni. Read a little about what Emerald has to say about DREAM Alive. "I’ve been with dream alive since 7th grade . Dream Alive allowed me to make a difference in the community , even close to home . I was able to become a better version of myself through trial and error , constructive criticism , and through mentors that really cared about me . I love Dream Alive because I was able to have fun with my peers and dream alive fostered a community of students that’d be scholars and important people with a drive for helping others . I am now at Purdue University , entering my junior year as a law and society major with a double minor in human development and family studies and forensic science ." It was an honor serving you Emerald, We are so very proud! #IUPUI

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