It all started when...

A group of scholars decided to make a difference by creating an apparel company that does more than make shirts, their apparel changes lives.

This year, DREAM Alive has teamed up with Verizon and MainGate to provide an "entrepreneurial workshop" for high school DREAM Alive scholars. The goal of the workshop is to spend an entire semester designing, building, & implementing a student run business that sells apparel.

The team of 12 scholars selected a CEO, COO, Chief Design Officer, & Design Officer to be their Executive Leadership Team, to make hard decisions, put in extra work, and really own the business. The rest of the team of scholars works hard every Friday to continue their mission to support DREAM Alive and it's programs through the design and sales of apparel.

Scholars are currently designing their first t-shirt, in hopes of selling the piece at DREAM Alive's annual "DREAM Christmas" event hosted at the Indianapolis Colts complex on December 4th. While the 4th of December is their target date for physical space sales, the scholars plan to make even more of a buzz in e-commerce and social media.

In the coming weeks be sure to check in with them at this site, on our social media accounts (facebook, twitter, & instagram). We are excited to see all the great business lessons our scholars learn in the coming months as they begin to own, operate, and run their company!