Jazmine Brownlow


Jazmine Brownlow Future Nonprofit Leader 


Jazmine Brownlow stands out as one of Dream Alive’s many success stories. She is a dynamic young woman intent on mentoring youth, just as she was inspired and mentored thanks to Dream Alive programming. 

“ Dream Alive genuinely cares about every student who comes through the program. The mentoring and leadership opportunities I experienced at Dream Alive definitely set me up for success. ” 

Jazmine entered Dream Alive as a Shortridge Middle School seventh grader. Like many Dream Alive scholars, she faced a tough road early in life. Her father began serving a 60-years-to-life prison sentence when Jazmine was 2 years old. Dream Alive opened her world to the possibility of what she could achieve. 

“Dream Alive helped keep me grounded and discover who I wanted to be,” Jazmine says. “I remember their staff helping me with homework, offering advice and guidance when I needed it, and having us always doing something to help other people,” Jazmine said. 

Today, Jazmine is a Ball State University sophomore studying communications and technology. A four-year Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship pays for her tuition. The highly competitive scholarship award is based on multiple criteria, including academics, extracurricular and community involvement, essays, and interviews. 

In 2018, Jazmine completed a summer internship at Dream Alive, leading and organizing our first-ever technology camp. Her experience inspired Jazmine to set her sights on community service work upon graduation. 

“ I know the importance of having a mentor alongside you. I would love to come back and work full time for Dream Alive. They are some of the best people I have ever met in my life. ” 


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