Breaking the cycle of poverty by mentoring at-risk youth towards career Paths.

We cannot achieve this mission without unsung heroes who contribute financially to our mission.

DREAM Alive is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. Our official tax exempt ID number is: 35-2153384, which means every donation is tax deductible. We also have the option of donating monthly as well as Sponsoring an individual program.

Our impact over the past 9 years can be summarized as:

  • 100% High School Graduation Rate

  • 89% of Youth in College, Military, or career immediately after graduation

  • 69% are in a 4-Year College under a Full Scholarship

  • DA operates at 34% of the cost of an average mentoring organization. Meaning we can impact 3 scholars for every 1 scholar impacted by other mentor agencies.

  • More than 85% of DA scholars are living at-or-below poverty .